Pulling Up To Stand! Tips? Shoe Reco?

My soon-to-be 11-month-old baby is finally pulling up to stand! He already loves to walk around with support. If he could talk, he'd tell me sitting is for little babies, not him! He's now finding things to pull himself up onto his knees (like his activity cube, or mum/dad), and trying but struggling to get onto his feet. We have a small living room and he usually plays in a (relatively big) play pen area. Any idea how I can help him improve his stance? And any recommendations for baby's first walking shoes with good sole support? Thanks in advance!



  • NanitMelanie
    NanitMelanie Nanit Team

    @Jane such an exciting time! A few ideas:

    1. Placing toys just out of reach on a low surface - or on your activity cube so he has to reach for them - and having safe furniture that he can practice pulling up to stand. Babies need time to practice and practice this skill!
    2. Encouraging him to squat by placing toys on the ground by his feet so he can pick them up! This helps strengthen his muscles.

    Curious to hear what others have to recommend including some shoe recommendations!

  • KLinds
    KLinds Member, Super Parent

    Oh man it’s a whole new world when they are on the move!

    I don’t know why but I still find shoe buying to be so intimidating. When we were learning to walk we just kept him in soft soled shoes - I really liked these https://starryknightdesign.com/products/slate-turtle-mango-leather-loafers-shoes-baby-and-toddler

    They are available in tons of colors and the soft soles mean baby can still feel the ground with their feet which is supposed to be good for the whole learning process!

  • Victoria
    Victoria Member, Super Parent

    following as we are at the same stage here too!!! so fun!!

    Do shoes help them with stability at all? we've been barefoot 100% of the time, wondering if maybe I should get some?

  • Karianne
    Karianne Member, Super Parent

    I love Little Love Bug Shoes!


    I have heard that Soft sole shoes are the best after baby learns to walk. Though while playing at home I have heard that letting them be bare footed is the absolute best for them to learn to stand and walk.

    Such a fun time with a little one learning to stand and walk! My little guy is 10 months old and just took his first few steps last week!

  • LeahSimon
    LeahSimon Member, Super Parent

    im at the same stage with my second boy. I swore by StrideRites with my first when he started walking so I think I’ll do the same with number 2. StrideRites also has a lower price version at Target but if your kiddo has chubby feet like mine, I couldn’t make the target versions fit my chunkster.

  • alyssa_giannotti
    alyssa_giannotti Member, Super Parent

    Big fan of keen sandals! Definitely not the most inexpensive option but super durable and offer a lot of support.

  • Holly
    Holly Member

    We didn’t use shoes until she was moving around better on her own. It seemed like she did better when she could feel the ground, so unless she was going to get dirty she stayed barefoot. When she did wear shoes, I liked Robeez soft walkers because it was the next best thing to barefoot. Once she was fairly confident, we moved to Stride Rite soft motion and a pair of See Kai Run’s. She’s been wearing those for a few months now since she hasn’t moved up in size. I bought one pair of PediPed’s soft rubber bottom shoes, but she walked in the mud and they got super slick and she fell, so she won’t touch those now. Ha!

  • I say leave the baby bare foot and utilize a push toy. We brought in a push toy at 7 months and he was walking solo at 8 months…standing without support at 10 months. We also would lay him on his back and do high knee exercises (just because it made him laugh) I guess it strengthened them quads and hamstrings because he runs through the house now solo, falls and gets right up. It can be a little scary however. 😕

  • We went to Nordstrom to get our 10 month old fitted for shoes, and they recommended See Kai Run shoes. We got him a size 3, and they said you should get about 3 months out of them. They are so easy to put on, and they STAY on! He can crawl and cruise around easily and comfortably.

    I highly recommend bringing your little one into the store! https://www.nordstrom.com/s/5654262

  • My 10mo old decided that she was going to learn how to balance and stand in her own, and then also take her first steps all in the same day! By the end of the day, she was taking 5-7 step strides all on her own. Such a fun time!