6 month old tummy sleeping

Hi is it ok for my 6 month old son to sleep on his tummy? He hates tummy time but is pretty good at it, rolling over happens during play time back to belly but I haven’t seen him do Nelly to tummy, is it still ok for him to sleep on belly? We do not have the breathing monitor… help!!


  • Yes, as long as he is rolling onto his tummy on his own that’s fine. You cannot stop a baby from rolling over at sleep time or at night. I would ALWAYS place him to sleep on his back thkugh. Do not purposely place him in his tummy to sleep even if you see he does it himself. As long as you see that his head is facing to the side naturally when he turns on his tummy you should be fine. Invest in a sleep band! If you have the nanit, the breathing monitor is included, you just need the band.

  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
    Natalie_Barnett_PhD Member, Nanit Team, Expert

    @DazeNRyan You will always put your baby to sleep on their back but if they are capable of getting to their tummy its fine for them to be there!

  • I’d like to jump onto this conversation. My baby is 6.5 months and just started rolling onto her tummy in her sleep. She had been rolling back to tummy consistently during the day but hasn’t yet mastered tummy to back. My concern is that she is literally FACE DOWN with her nose and mouth going INTO the mattress. There are no additional objects in the crib and the mattress is firm. We do use the breathing monitor and it didn’t alert us when it stopped being able to get a read! Every time I have found her like that she is face down, the breathing wear has stopped monitoring, and I run into her room terrified she is dead. I’m definitely losing a lot of sleep too because since the breathing alerts don’t go off I feel compelled to activate the motion alerts so now I get woken up EVERY time she moves. I’ve read countless articles and threads. I know she rolled there herself and can easily lift her head normally but how can sleeping with your face directly into the mattress possibly be safe?