How to train my 10-month old to sleep in her crib?

My baby received developed a new habit. She wakes up in her crib after bedtime around the time we go to bed and refuses to sleep in it.

We tried to feed her, soother her and let her cry (15 min max) but she really wants to be picked up and sleep with us in our bed.

How to change this new habit so she continues sleeping in her crib through the night?


  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
    Natalie_Barnett_PhD Member, Nanit Team, Expert

    @Jenj Its really normal for babies to wake at this time. Id love your baby to be able to fall back to sleep by herself. The best way to do that is to ensure that she is falling asleep unassisted at the beginning of the night. When she can do that its much easier for her to fall back to sleep when she wakes.

    The AAP strongly discourages bed-sharing. I'd really love you to give her the opportunity to fall back to sleep in her safe and gorgeous crib space.

    Remember, consistency is key. The more consistent you can be about giving her the chance to fall back to sleep in her cirb, the faster she will learn how to do it.