Rolling and getting stuck on tummy

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My 6 month old has just started rolling from back to tummy all the time now and gets stuck there several times in the middle of the night. Only does this while in a sleep sack. Prior to the sleep sack we used the baby Merlin magic sleep suit which was amazing but also restricted his movement a bit. I have put him back in the Merlin suit at night now for the sake of us getting some more sleep and I’m trying to get in lots of tummy and rolling time during the day. Any tips on what to do since he hasn’t figured out how roll back over yet at night?


  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
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    @Julie_Robinson13 I'd love you to get him out of the Merlin. Its too restrictive and I want him to have the freedom of movement to be practicing at night all the things hes learning during the day! The best thing you can do is practice tummy time as many times as you can during the day.

    You will always put him down to sleep on his back, but if he can get to his tummy its fine to sleep there. Giving him time during the day on his tummy will help him get used to being there at night and he can then work out for himself how to get comfy in that position!