Baby wakes up and cries hysterically

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Hi Nanit Community,

I have a 2 month old boy and he has been waking up and started to cry uncontrollably with a high pitch voice. I’ve tried everything to stop the crying, including feeding, holding him, and calming him with music. He would persist for several minutes until I show him things that he likes, such as a toy or new scenery. Even though i have methods to calm him but I would like to know why he would cry the moment he wakes from a nap. Is this normal and have anyone else experienced something similar with their baby? Thanks!


  • I have found that if my son wakes up crying it means he needs more sleep. In our case, I replace his pacifier and rub his head and he usually goes back to sleep. My baby only sleeps short periods typically (30-40 minutes for naps) though. Is this happening when your son wakes up from a long nap?

  • @Jmcw4cy My son is also a short napper. It didn’t matter whether the nap was long or short because he has done it despite the duration. The main thing is he would cry and cry and would not listen to any consultation. He would then wake up and not fall back to sleep.