Sleep regression for my almost 5 mo

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There’s days he sleeps 7 hours at night and some days he sleeps 2-4 hours at night. We have tried everything. He sleeps in the snoo for now and we will be transitioning soon to the crib. Any tips?


  • Hi there! My son was in the Snoo until last week. He is 5 months old as of tomorrow. He used to be so content in the Snoo but a couple weeks ago decided he was completely over it. What has worked for me (so far) is first I worked on removing associating me (nursing) with going to bed. We are also about a week into sleep training with the Ferber method. Every night there were vast improvements in the time it took him to settle down to sleep. Now it seems like he really “gets it” and I think overall he’s more comfortable out of the Snoo.

    Again, this is just what has worked for us. Wishing you the best of luck with your baby boy and his crib intro!

  • Thank you. I’ll research the Ferber method. He may be done with the snoo.