Independent Sleep Foundations - Two Month Old

Hi everyone!

I'm a FTM trying to establish some good independent sleep habits in my two month old son before launching into sleep training at four months.

We have issues with day naps. I've been reading the Sleep Sense program (amongst others!) about getting him to sleep without sleep props. My question is, what have others done when they are trying to put baby down awake multiple times (in that attempt to have them fall asleep independently) - most of the time my son ends up awake well past his wake window and then becomes overtired! It feels like a vicious cycle! How can I teach him to fall asleep on his own if he ends up overtired before we have any success?

He also only naps for very short periods which means that it feels like all I'm doing is feeding him or trying to put him down!


  • I also find it often takes so long to get him into a place where he could go down that I'd have to start from the moment he gets up!

  • DOPetty
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    I’m sorta in the same boat as you. My baby is 3.5 months and we started the taking cara babies guide at 4 weeks and it has definitely helped us. My son also only naps for short periods of time, 30 minutes usually. He sleeps in our room in a bassinet but during the day he takes all of his naps in his crib. What’s been helpful for us is following his wake windows and starting the little nap routine about 10-15 min before his wake window ends to avoid over tired baby. Right now his wake windows are 95-120 min so at 80 minutes of awake time I get his sound machine on, turn the lights off, close the blinds and rock him until I can tell that he’s tired/drowsy then I lay him in his crib and zip him up in his sleep sac. He just started using the dreamland weighted sleep sac but before that I was using the kyte baby sac. I give him his paci and hide in his rocking chair and let him make noises. I only intervene when he cries. If his paci falls out and he cries I just put it back in and hide again. I keep doing this and since he’s discovered his little hands, he sometimes sucks on them and puts himself to sleep. I try my hardest to not pick him up once I’ve put him down. My husband isn’t so good at this little routine and tends to just rock him to sleep. It definitely takes time and patience but I feel like he’s getting better at putting himself to sleep. The other morning he napped for an hour and 25 minutes after putting himself to sleep. It was amazing! today, no so much LOL. I hope this helps. Good luck mama!

  • DOPetty
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    Also, I’ll try anything to extend a nap if it’s shorter than 30 min and I can tell he’s still tired. Currently rocking my baby as he sleeps because he only napped for 20 min in his crib. Every day and every nap is a little different but as long as he sleeps and isn’t fussy during the day, it’s worth it.

  • Dbwldus
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    We are currently experiencing the same issue of our 2month old. He only naps for 30 min or less. And won’t sleep in his crib :(. It started when we hired a caregiver and she insisted cosleeping with baby to create a bond. Now he won’t even play with the idea of sleeping in his crib at night. What guide lines have worked for you ?

  • Lilydds
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    I am the mother of a 3.5 month old baby girl. We have had her sleeping in her crib since 6 weeks. She used to wake up every 2-4 hours for feedings throughout the night - during which most of the time she would also need a diaper change. Around 3 months, she wasn’t eating the normal 4 oz she normally did so we took that as a sign that maybe she didn’t need to feed throughout the night. We slowly weaned her down to only one feeding at night - her first sleep being 4-5 hours. Then last weekend, we started the Ferber method. A fellow mom told me her story with her 4 month old and inspired me to try it. The key is to follow the guide - first day, 3 min cry before checking on her, then 5 mins, and then we didn’t have to do a 10 min check because she fell asleep at 7! The second day, 5 min check, 10 min, then she fell asleep before the 12 min check! On the 3rd day, she fell asleep within 3 mins and it’s been like that with either very little crying or no crying at all before she feels comfortable and safe enough to fall asleep on her own! I know listening to your baby cry may be tough, but if you have taught your baby to trust that they are safe in their room and that you are close by and will come in to check on them, I truly believe this is a great option for sleep training. I have my mom with me to help so her and I just huddled in bed together watching her on our Nanit, giving each other moral support. When I wanted to check on her, she told me to hold strong, and vice versa! Another thing that helped which we transitioned her into on the 3rd night is the Merlin’s magic sleep suit! It keeps her warm and stifles her startle reflex. She now falls asleep by her self and can go back to sleep if she wakes once or twice through the night for 10-11 hours straight!