Independent Sleep Foundations - Two Month Old

Hi everyone!

I'm a FTM trying to establish some good independent sleep habits in my two month old son before launching into sleep training at four months.

We have issues with day naps. I've been reading the Sleep Sense program (amongst others!) about getting him to sleep without sleep props. My question is, what have others done when they are trying to put baby down awake multiple times (in that attempt to have them fall asleep independently) - most of the time my son ends up awake well past his wake window and then becomes overtired! It feels like a vicious cycle! How can I teach him to fall asleep on his own if he ends up overtired before we have any success?

He also only naps for very short periods which means that it feels like all I'm doing is feeding him or trying to put him down!


  • I also find it often takes so long to get him into a place where he could go down that I'd have to start from the moment he gets up!