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Hello! My 7 week old loves her dock-a-tot and often naps in it during the day. When we place her in crib, we dress her in a pj, then place the breathing band over the pj. We do not place her in the dock-a-tot overnight. However, we have noticed that when she’s not in the dock-a-tot she wiggles around and is uncomfortable and cannot sleep. I’m not sure if she just likes the feeling of having something next to her, but we noticed that as soon as we place her in the dock-a-tot she falls asleep. I’m assuming having her in the dock-a-tot overnight is not safe, but I just had to ask. Perhaps she’s just adjusting to sleeping in her own room, not sure! We have placed her in her room (literally across the hall) to monitor her breathing (we use the breathing bands and the nanit to monitor her breathing, but we also purchased a dual monitor set from Best Buy so that we could place the monitors on each side of our bed to hear her better than on our phones. The other monitors amplify the noise in the nursery so we can hear her better).


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    I used the Dock-A-Tot for my son in his bassinet for 5 months before I switched him out and it was perfectly safe to be honest, it is safe up until your baby can flip over, that's when the concerns arise because there isn't much space for them to move around and the raised sides pose a threat, by 2 months he was sleeping 6-8hrs a night. He loved the security of being "contained" which from what I read is quite normal, it's like swaddling a baby. He is 8 months now and outgrew his deluxe and I got him the dock-a-tot grand now, but he only sleeps in it during nap time. It's quite normal for babies to move around, wiggle and find the most comfy position to sleep in. My LO does a complete migration across his crib at night, generally when they move a lot it just means they are in REM and aren't sleeping as deeply, then stop moving when in deep sleep, but it is normal for them to go from one to the other many times a night.