10 mo old regression?

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Our 10-mo old was a good sleeper until this last month and now it takes 90+ mins to get her down even with established routine (bath, book, bottle). She rolls on her back and wakes herself up and we have to pick her up to get her back to sleep. This goes on throughout the night. We are room sharing until her room is ready (doing remodeling) and we aren’t fans of CIO. All ideas appreciated


  • Have you looked at wake windows? Maybe she’s not getting enough time between her last nap & bedtime to be properly tired. Or she’s sleeping too much during the day? I always take a look at Takin Cara Babies (on IG & website) recommended wake windows when they start to be hard to put down for naps or bedtimes. Not sure about nighttime waking as much but if you’re not already, give her a minute or too to try to settle herself. Literally just a minute or two esp if she’s not really crying but just more fussing. Hope it gets better for you!

  • We’re having the same issue. My son is 10months 1week and he’s been waking up historical in the mid of the night for almost 8weeks. When he’s awake he thinks it’s play time. He does laps inside his crib and we have to go in to help him to sleep. We’ve tried everything and even taking away 1 nap. It takes about 2 hours to get him to sleep.