My 11 month old behaviour

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My daughter turned 11months and lately her behaviour changed, before in the morning during her naps we usually feed her and put her in the crib she plays and sleep, this was her routing for morning and afternoon naps and for the night sleep it usually takes time to put her to sleep as she cries or get cranky but now even for her morning naps she is not leaving us, the moment we place her in the crib she is crying and nights have become terrible she is waking up way too often and cries for no reason, we are a bit concerned and she shouts her lungs out which we are scared of, is this common among 11 month old ?? Can you please suggest ??


  • Hey Sri, I don’t know if what you are experiencing is common for 11m, but I definitely noticed things were changing for babies at that age. My girl also just turned 11m, it’s so hard to get her to take daytime naps recently. I think it has sth to do with their mobile development, the last time she had huge changes on sleeping was when she turned 6m, she learnt to crawl. Now it’s time for walking, so that might be one of the main reasons. Hope my thoughts can inspire you some way.