3 Month Old Routine

Hi, All!

First time Mom here and having major struggles with nailing down a solid routine. I’ve followed taking cara babies wake windows and other sleep tips. I’ve taken both her newborn and 3-4 month old classes. My little one has a hard time going down at night at a consistent time as her nap times vary. For example, her day could look like this:

8:00 am Wake

9:15 am -10:00am Nap #1

11:30-12:00 Nap #2

1:30-2:15 Nap #3

3:30-4:20 Nap #4

5:35-6:00 Nap #5

7:30 Bedtime

Maybe the next day she wakes at 7:30 am and it throws off her nap times. Her naps are also very short and have been since about month 2 on. Since her naps vary so much we can’t get her to bed at a consistent time and I think it effects her sleep. She almost always wakes up 45 minutes after going down to bed. Like a false start.

We keep her awake for 75-90 mins before bed and have a consistent bedtime routine of bath, lotion, pajamas, bottle, bed. What am I missing?


  • Hi @Kylie Have you had a chance to check out our sleep schedule generator? This will provide you a sleep schedule for your baby's age.

    I'm also tagging our in house sleep expert, @Natalie_Barnett_PhD here because I am sure she has some insight she can share, too!

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    Hey @Kylie it actually sounds really normal to me. It can be really hard for a lot of babies to be on much of a chedule at this age, so the fact that you have a pretty consistent schedule is amazing! You will get more consistency with time. I know it can be frustrating when the naps vary in length so much, but its very much par for the course at this stage. I'd suggest sticking to your wake window plan and then you will likely find that some days are 4 nap days and some are 5 nap days, and the bedtime might vary a bit. Pretty soon you will be fairly consistently on 3 naps, which should happen fairly naturally in the next month or so!

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    My 3 month old is on a very similar schedule with the wake windows and amount of naps per day, but the times of the naps varying due to wake time changing slightly each day. @Natalie_Barnett_PhD I’m curious how nap times decrease from 4-5 to 3 and about when that should happen? Does the baby’s wake time between naps naturally lengthen / should it, or is this due to nighttime sleep extending in length?

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    Hi @Angdmp,

    Thanks for posting on here to learn more about naps for your baby. Here are some articles that may help you with understanding naps:

    Also, check out our sleep schedule generator as this will provide you a sleep schedule for your baby's age and can possibly help with your baby's nap.

    Don't hesitate to ask any further questions if you have any!

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    Hi @Kylie. I’m in such a similar boat! My girl will be 3 months this Sunday. I’ve been avidly reading all the blog posts from Taking Cara Babies and am just about to do the month 3+4 bundle of hers.

    I’ve been using the wake window approach to help with teaching my daughter to put herself to sleep, and to create somewhat of a “schedule” for our day, vary as it might.

    my problem currently is that my daughter will only sleep 30 mins. Sometimes when I pop her in the ergo, I’ll get a 60 min nap, but otherwise all naps are 30 mins.

    therefore, take today for example:

    wake 6:25am

    Nap 1 8:15-8:45am

    Nap 2 10:15-11am

    Nap 3 12:45-1:15pm

    Nap 4 3:05-3:25, woke up, put her in ergo to redeem nap and try to get her to sleep longer. Success- slept 3:35-4:15pm in ergo

    Nap 5 tried putting her down at 530pm, she fell asleep for 8 mins and then woke up cause she spat up. I rocked her and she is currently sleeping on me

    i usually leave her for 10 mins to give her opportunity to put herself back down but she never does, and then by then, she’s fully awake and I can’t get her back down either.

    so my problem is.. sometimes the naps are so short, I’d have to add a 6th nap to make it to bedtime. My intention was to have nap 5 be from 530-6pm, but because she woke up unexpectedly so soon, I then spent some time trying to help her get back down in her crib, and then eventually took her out and rocked her in an effort to prevent her from getting worked up/upset/overtired.

    with these short naps, sometimes her last nap will have ended at 3ish… I’m wondering how you gauge if the best bedtime for your child is on the earlier end or later end. I know Taking Cara Babies suggests bedtime between 6-8pm, no earlier than 6pm. She also therefore says no naps after 6pm, but what if your baby only does short naps? Additionally, my daughter is averaging at 3ish hours of daytime sleep and they say 5-6 hours is the standard. My daughter doesn’t seem unhappy or tired or fussy, but I still wonder if she needs more? @Natalie_Barnett_PhD

    open to any insight or experience shares!