How to get 4 month old to sleep on own…

My babes is almost 4 months in a few weeks. He does great at self soothing when he wakes up in the middle of the night, thumb sucking and pulling/rubbing hair/head. He sleeps for a good 7-8 hours and if he does wake up in between he does the above. After the 7-8 hours he’s hungry and I feed. But to start off he doesn’t go to sleep on his own. I have to rock him. If I put him in too soon or awake he’ll just cry until I rock him. Any advice?

Our routine is as follows: bath time (if needed), put pjs on, nanit sleepsack, suck nose (very congested 24/7), read bed time story, then feed. Sometimes he falls asleep to feeding sometimes he’s still awake and we rock to sleep. Reason I feed last is because I like my 7 hour sleep and will get engorged by that 7th hour of last feeding him. Since he feeds every 2 hours still I would be getting less sleep if I feed him first since I’d have to wake up to pump and then wake again to feed him by the time

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