4 mos old, fighting at every nap - Please help!

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Our baby girl used to be easier to put down for naps. Bounce on the birthing ball to the same 5 songs on a playlist while we sing along and put in her crib asleep. She won’t go down awake or drowsy but not asleep because she starts kicking and babbling that turns in to whining, and then into screaming and crying and I cannot take the crying at all. But in the last week since she turned 4 mos old she’s been screaming and crying every time we try to bounce her on the ball to her songs. The second we turn out the lights and turn on the sound machine she’s fussing. I watch her awake windows like a hawk and monitor her for sleepy cues to put her down before she’s overtired and she’s still fighting going down tooth and nail when she’s tired and then she’s overtired anyway after all the time spent resisting. Any suggestions? We are desperate!!!


  • That’s so hard.

    it sounds like the bouncing is a bit of a sleep crutch, it might be a few hard weeks, but perhaps moving away from something she needs to happen to fall asleep might help her once she’s in her crib. It also could be that she’s not quite tired enough if you’re watching her sleepy cues. Try extending her wake window by 5-10 minutes. I also set a timer for 3 minute intervals once baby starts crying I leave the room and time 3 minutes before going back in to pat baby on the back but I don’t pick her up, so as to teach her eventually to soothe herself.

  • My 6 month old is doing something similar to this. Every time I try and put her down for a nap she cries, arches her back, kicks her legs etc. If I place her straight in the cot and try and soothe her to sleep while she is calm she just flips over onto her tummy and practices trying to crawl. She babbles and chews her dummy if I try and stop her from moving. This has been going on for 2 months, I am exhausted! She is clearly tired when I try and put her down, red eyes, yawning, staring into distance.