Napping trouble

My 7.5 MO is still struggling to take longer naps. Her naps usually last between 30-40. We try and follow a 2-3 hour wake window. She also refuses to take a late afternoon nap, which leads to an overtired bedtime disaster.

Any tips?


  • hi @RAD16 what time does your little one wake up and go to bed? and how many naps is she typically taking a day? my daughter just recently started stretching her naps to be over an hour... so I feel your pain!

    She also started dropping the cat nap and sometimes would be awake for close to 4.5 hours before bed!! I started putting her to bed a bit earlier and also tried to do a very small nap routine each time (change diaper, read a few pages of a book). I also noticed a few times she would wake up and then started to be able to connect her sleep cycles better... so I would give her about 5-10 minutes and she would fall back asleep.