6 month sleep regression?

Our almost 6 month old was a great sleeper. He was sleeping through the night and putting himself to sleep. All of a sudden he is waking up one or two times a night, and inconsolable until he finally puts himself back to sleep. I’m thinking teething may be an issue? Any one else going through this??


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    Hi There! Our little one was also such a great sleeper, between 8-9hours each night uninterrupted! He just turned 6 month and we are going through the same thing. Waking up constantly throughout the night crying hysterically. He seems to calm down when we pick him up and soothe but as soon as we put him down he starts up again. We’ve been letting him co sleep for comfort but don’t want him to get used to that. We also think he’s teething b he we’ve been thinking that for weeks now LOL it’s super frustrating.

  • Yes. Same thing here. 6 months. Every 30-40 minutes a startle and immediate cry that turns hysterical if we don’t do something. Need help.

  • I’m dying over here and don’t know what to do. My LO used to be able to just be put in her crib and she’s fall asleep on her own. Now she will cry hysterically until she’s picked up. My husband and I have let her go as long as an hour and then I can’t take it anymore! Overnight she still is waking up every 2-4 hours thinking she needs to eat and I just feed her at this point to get everyone back to sleep. I don’t know what to do. Any thoughts?

  • I’m no expert but I went through the exact same thing at 6 months. He was teething but it couldn’t have been for a whole month. We started sleep training (took tiny hoods sleep course) and he’s been much better about sleeping through the night. It helps to have some structure if you’re sleep training and I’d recommend the course but here are the basics. In the course we picked and interval between 10 and 20 mins for check ins. When we checked in we didn’t pick him up and we only stayed 30 mins. Keep him awake during feeds and no naps after 4PM. Also for the first 4-8 days they recommend sleeping in a separate room for all naps and night times. It was hard but it’s working. Good luck!

  • My baby was a great sleeper until she hit 5 months, I’m not sure if it’s teething, it’s def not hunger. We always waste so much milk at night thinking it’s hunger. I try giving her teeth drops to relieve any pain but it doesn’t help her go back to sleep unless she’s cradled in my arms for atleast 30 mins 🤦🏽‍♀️. I’m thinking it’s sleep regression but idk what to do anymore at this point because I’m so tired!! Lol.. and It seems worst as days pass. Tonight I placed her in her crib to fall asleep on her own, I helped her but without holding her since it was her first night. But any advice that anyone may have will help so much!! Lol I Wish me luck

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    Omg so glad I’m not alone! We’ve been smooth sailing when it came to naps and bedtime then we hit 6 months and boom! ☹️ She fights her sleep so bad, finally falls asleep in my arms, and when I go to put her in the crib she screams 🩸 ****! Help! I’m so tired