6 month sleep regression?

Our almost 6 month old was a great sleeper. He was sleeping through the night and putting himself to sleep. All of a sudden he is waking up one or two times a night, and inconsolable until he finally puts himself back to sleep. I’m thinking teething may be an issue? Any one else going through this??


  • LaWat
    LaWat Member

    Hi There! Our little one was also such a great sleeper, between 8-9hours each night uninterrupted! He just turned 6 month and we are going through the same thing. Waking up constantly throughout the night crying hysterically. He seems to calm down when we pick him up and soothe but as soon as we put him down he starts up again. We’ve been letting him co sleep for comfort but don’t want him to get used to that. We also think he’s teething b he we’ve been thinking that for weeks now LOL it’s super frustrating.

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