22 months old difficulty sleeping in her crib

Hello all,

my 22 month old was perfectly sleep trained before going to day care, usually when we keep her in the crib in day time or night time she plays for 10mins or sometimes cries for 10mins and sleep well for 10-12hours, she joined day care 4 weeks back during which she was sick for 3 weeks and didnt go to day care for a week, now she refuse to sleep during day time unless you go and pat her continously(they do this at day care), she expects us to do the same and it is like all our hard work has gone in to gutter, same thing with night, if we let her self soothe she cries continously and it is like iam getting stressed out with the crying sound as it constantly keeps ringing in my mind, any suggestions on what we need to do ?? Her behaviour completely changed after going to day care