Baby not crying but is restless and moving

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Every night my husband and I end up debating whether or not our baby girl (7 weeks now) needs to be picked up and fed/rocked back to sleep or not. After about 4-5 hours, she stirs/moves/grunts/whimpers/is all around restless in the crib, but she is not crying and her eyes are not open. We end up caving and I get her up and breastfeed her, but she doesn’t always stay alert enough to complete a full feed (even after a diaper change). Should I be leaving her down? I get such guilt watching her in the crib and listening to her, but I’m wondering if I’m actually causing more harm by taking her out and stirring her. Anyone experience something similar?


  • Oh @katiec I remember this phase so vividly (and still have these moments every so often). My LO is 6 months now, but I remember weeks 5-9 ish being some of the toughest due to his "dinosaur " phase. His grunting was so loud and he just sounded so uncomfortable for those few weeks. But just as you said, it's hard to leave them be! When he consistently fell asleep if I fed him, I started to try and ride it out. Swaddling him helped a ton (if she's not swaddled already). I eventually had to tell my anxious mind that him making noise meant he was ok and if he needed something he sure knew how to cry to get our attention.

    So I don't have too much by way of advice other than this phase will pass (it's was one of the hardest so far IMO!) and do what you feel is best in the moment. Wishing you all restful sleep in the near future!

  • My lo (4m) does this. I just pick him up to burp him and lay him back down. He’s still sleep so doesn’t even notice. Most of the time it’s just gas. I figure if I can help him get it out, he will sleep longer instead of waking up from in pain.

  • They are still pretty restless at that age but as long as her eyes are closed she’s probably just dreaming or in active sleep. Would wait for open eyes or obvious fussiness but a night feed is never a bad thing.

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    You can try giving her a pacifier. It sounds like she isnt fully waking up and it can help lull her into another sleep cycle.

  • The class we took suggested you leave them be unless they’re actually crying, with the goal being letting your baby learn how to connect her sleep cycles and put herself back to sleep when she wakes up throughout the night. It is crazy how much noise they can make and but can actually still be sleeping!