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Event Recap - Top Q&A

Q: I want to feed my little one more veggies. Should I worry about vegetables causing gassiness? Are there some vegetables that cause less gas than others?

A: I would legitimately not worry about this too much. Although some foods can cause gas, babies handle things better than you think, and some of those vegetables (such as broccoli) are wonderfully nutritious. Try them out, and if you find a consistent pattern that one or two seem to make your child uncomfortable, avoid those. But I would not avoid introducing them because of a fear of gas. Cooking vegetables often helps them digest more easily, and other vegetables that tend to be easy to digest include: pumpkin, green and yellow squash, green beans, peas, carrots, potatoes.

Q: If my little one doesn’t like drinking cow’s milk, can I supplement it with other high calcium foods and water? Are there any other nutrients I need to make sure they need to get?

A: This is a common concern from parents. The truth is that cow's milk is not absolutely necessary - as long as a child is getting the relevant nutrients from other sources (focus on fat, protein, vitamin D, calcium, especially) there's no reason for them to have to get it from dairy, or even cows milk in particular. Many toddlers like cows milk, and so it is a convenient way to get those nutrients in. I have a chart on my website with the relative vitamin D/calcium needs at different ages, along with different sources for those nutrients, and a free download/comparison of the nutritional content of the different milk types. But truly, your child doesn't NEED milk!


Q:  My little one is underweight. Should I be concerned?

A: One important question here is whether your pediatrician is concerned about your child's weight/percentile and energy level too. Many parents feel that their child should be on a higher percentile than they are but not every child will be 50 percentile and upwards - genetics matters, and we care most about a child's growth trajectory (how they compare to themselves, rather than how they compare to other children).  

Q: My baby (5 months) has reflux. We tried the ferber method but he accumulated so much saliva from crying that he started choking. How can we do sleep training safely?

A: Talk to your pediatrician about making sure the reflux is optimally controlled and give yourself and your baby grace. Very often, reflux peaks around the 4-5 month mark, so you may be at the hardest point here. 

You may benefit from an alternative sleep training approach rather than CIO until the reflux improves, too - perhaps the chair method or something along those lines. Working with a sleep consultant who can help create an individualized plan may be helpful too. 

Q: My baby seems to be behind on a milestone (scooting but not crawling, not babbling, etc.)

In general, it is hard to consider milestones in isolation. I encourage you to discuss with your pediatrician to have them do a thorough assessment of your child's milestones if you're concerned. I also have a free download on my website for each age which lists the milestone "red flags'' along with what to do to help your child move along on milestones (and how to approach talking to your pediatrician if you're concerned), which is worth downloading. 


Q: When my 16 month old doesn’t get her way or is told no she will have a little tantrum and throw anything that she is holding/walk over to the table and push things off it. How do I teach her not to throw things when she is upset?

Totally normal!!!! She's testing, which is appropriate for them to do at this age. For most behavioral things, consistency is the key - no matter what approach you choose. I have a post entitled "1 year olds have feelings too" on my site that goes through some of the reasons this happens, and a 5 step process for how to deal with it.



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About the Event

Ask pediatrician Dr. Krupa Playforth anything - from preparing for baby, questions to ask when selecting your pediatrician, nutritional guidance & introducing solids, teething, gassy baby tips, milestones & more!  

Dr. Krupa Playforth (The Pediatrician Mom) is a board-certified pediatrician and mother. She has special interests in healthcare education for parents and in infant/child nutrition, and she is passionate about approaching parenting with nuance. Her goal is to help parents develop the confidence to trust their intuitions within an evidence-based framework across a range of parenting topics. Dr. Playforth is on the Healthcare Advisory board for Babylist, has contributed to Huffington Post, CNN, NBC, KevinMD, and Insider Magazine, and is featured as a Top Doc for both Northern VA Magazine and the Washingtonian.

In today's connected, internet-dependent world, it is easy to become overwhelmed by information overload. You can use ThePediatricianMom to find some peace, some answers, and hopefully some confidence to trust your parenting style as she discusses the most common questions pediatricians receive from parents. She can be reached on social media (@thepediatricianmom) or on her website at


*Keep in mind that all answers are general guidelines and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your child's physician with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice because of something discussed here.



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    I want to feed my 6.5 month old more vegetables but so many of them can cause gas (broccoli, cauliflower, etc). What are some vegetables that I can give my baby that won’t cause gassiness?

  • We’ve just sleep trained our daughter 19 weeks (4.5m) and she’s coping fine. Is this an ok age to sleep train and keep in another room (using Nanit monitor)

    also, if a baby does not like a fathers beard due to the itch. Should he shave the beard or refrain from kisses

  • Is there a difference in night time sleep for a breast fed baby versus a formula fed baby?

  • hellojaz
    hellojaz Member

    What are spoon nails and why do they occur? Will hypotropia go away with patching or can it stay despite patching? We need to increase my toddlers calorie intake, but has egg, dairy and peanut allergy and sensitive to textures. Any suggestions?

  • Arad
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    Our 2 week old grunts and cries often as soon as we put him flat on his back in his bassinet…how long should be stay off intervening during his cries as part of the sleep training? What are the intervening methods?

    currently we are trying pacifiers, rocking the bassinet, and ultimately picking him up to sooth him if crying is non-stop for several seconds

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    11 month old does crawl but scoots backwards on tummy .

  • Fri
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    My 2.5 month old does not like breastfeeding, she prefers bottle feeding and often cries inconsolably if forced to breastfeed. Any tips to help?

    She is yet to establish a consistent sleep schedule. She often has short daytime naps and is very very cranky and fussy during bedtime. Since it's too early to sleep train, how should we go about this? It gets so exhausting.

  • Lai
    Lai Member

    My six month old grunts a lot (in my opinion) when she’s bored or doesn’t get food, is this normal behavior? Sometimes she grunts after or during eating. Is that her way of communicating with us?

  • Txbun0909
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    Our baby had some rough skin and I showed it to my niece who says it was eczema. I bought the eczema cream to use and now she has bumpy red patches. We made an appointment with baby's doctor for treatment options. Is there anything else we can do before her appointment?

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