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Our little one is 10months old and she takes 2 naps in the day time and while she sleeps usually we give her milk and leave her in the crib most of the time she plays for few minutes and soothes herself and sleeps but when it comes to the night time we started to set a sleep routine by putting her to sleep by 8:30PM, it is getting challenging some times it takes like 1.5hr to put her to sleep in the night and once she sleeps she wakes up like 2-3 times and she cries her lungs out when she wakes up and nothing calms her except giving her milk or sometimes singing lullabies, any ideas on how to avoid giving her milk during night time or avoid waking up 2-3 times ??


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    How long is she awake before bedtime after her nap? At 10 months my daughter could only be awake for 3.5 hours after her nap before bedtime. She could be overtired.