22 month old wakes up 2-4 times

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My 22 month old daughter has never been a great sleeper, we moved her to her bedroom just few weeks back. I am trying to set up a day and night routine but it’s a struggle. What should a day and night schedule should be for a 22 month old + baby and how to manage the night wakes up.

Also what is a good bedtime routine, right now it feels too many things to accomplish before putting them to sleep like feed, bath, story time, milk and then finally sleep


  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
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    @Aurora Its fantastic that you are wanting to prioritize your daughters sleep schedule! Here is what I typically recommend for a schedule for a baby this age: Nanit 22 Month Schedule. In regard to the bedtime routine, dont over-complicate things! Do something that works for your family. The important thing is consistency - try to have the bedtime routine at around the same time each night and try to do the same few things before bed to indicate that it is time to sleep. A classic is bath, bottle, book, bed but do something that feels right to you that doesnt take too long. I want the routine over and done with in 20-30 mins at most.