ICYMI: Mental Health Webinar for New & Expecting Parents

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In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, we hosted an expert-led discussion on your most asked mental health questions - from navigating your relationships after baby to supporting yourself to the difference between baby blues & PMADs (Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders - ex. PPD/PPA).

Our expert panel included Paige Bellenbaum of The Motherhood Center of NY, Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, Dr. Cassidy Freitas, and Dr. Alice Pickering. The webinar was moderated by our very own @Natalie_Barnett_PhD, VP of Clinical Research.

Missed the webinar or want to watch again? Check out the recap below and scroll to the bottom to watch the full recording.

We conducted a quick poll of event attendees. Of those who answered, we found:

  • 90% have felt like parenting is isolating
  • 55% have experienced postpartum anxiety or depression, 35% were not sure
  • 35% did not know where to go to seek treatment for PMADs before attending
  • 30% have sought treatment for a postpartum anxiety or depression, 50% have not but plan to

Here's a sneak peek of what we covered:

Q: What recommendations do you have for new parents who feel like they may be experiencing postpartum anxiety or depression?

  • A: Know that you are not alone! Start by tending to yourself and filling your own 'cup,' leaning on your support network, and seeking help from trusted resources. Do your best to get 4-5 hours of restorative rest - we know that sleep impacts our cognitive functioning and our emotional wellbeing.
  • A: Don't wait to get help if you are already struggling or know that you may be at higher risk of experiencing PMADs. Often, experts see that new parents wait for a specific milestone or for their mental health to impact their relationships or their functioning before turning to a psychologist or other trusted provider. If you are struggling, seek help!

Q: How can I support my partner if they are struggling with postpartum anxiety or depression?

  • A: One of the most important things is being more forthcoming about what we're experiencing or what we're seeing in our partner. Try creating space to check in with your partner and ask questions like "How are things going for you, how are you doing? You haven't seemed like yourself lately." In some cases, you could encourage your partner to go speak to a mental health professional.

Looking for support? Here are some mental health resources recommended by our experts:

Watch the full webinar replay below:

Still have questions?

Dr. Alice Pickering will be hosting an Ask Me Anything about Maternal Mental Health next week from May 23-26th. This event is a text-based thread in our Me Time category. You can bookmark the thread to be notified when the thread opens up again and new posts are added.

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