2 nap to 1 nap transition

My 15 month old still takes 2 naps a day and we think he’s ready to make the transition to 1 nap because he’s been waking up early and sometimes refuses to take the second nap. But I’m just afraid of how to make the transition an easy one for him without him getting overtired or too upset to take a nap. How had everyone else’s transitions been on going from 2 naps to 2?


  • Agmangel
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    Hi we changed our first nap to a quiet time as a transition. My daughter (17m) likes her crib and doesn’t mind playing by herself so we dim the lights, play some classical music, give her a few safe toys and a book and let her play. When we started it a few months ago she would play sometimes and fall asleep others. Now she just plays quietly and I get 30m-1hr to get things done. Eventually I am going to keep the quiet time but give her more freedom in her room but for now she is in a safe space and seems to enjoy the time.