What makes you feel strong as a mother?

NanitMackenzie Community Moderator, Nanit Team
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Moms - your day is coming up, so this one's for you... what makes you feel strong as a mother?

Whether it's parenting on 3 hours of sleep, holding your little one in your arms (pictures of those sweet moments encouraged!), juggling ALL the things, or taking a moment for yourself - we see you and are celebrating you!


  • NanitMelanie
    NanitMelanie Nanit Team

    The SMILE on my sweet girls face when getting her up from her nap. truly nothing better and reminds me how strong I am :)

  • Tpuskas
    Tpuskas Member
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    I power through long and hard days - but when all is quiet and the day is completed I scroll through my pics and videos of the day. I love and treasure every moments and I know I’m ready for the next day🥰🥰