Nighttime dress with nanit gear

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How do you dress your baby with nanit band for nighttime? We have a band and we have a sack, I put a footed onesie with the sack and for night we use the band I put the band over a different sleep sack with footed onesie. Just curious if anyone dresses baby like they show on the ads for the band, with just a onesie and band.


  • Tosha
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    I have done a long sleeve footed sleeper with a sleep sack and the band. Now that it’s warmer, I do just that long sleeve footed sleeper with the band. I don’t think I would do a onesie with no pants. When my daughter is warm, she sleeps better at night. During naps she is just wearing what she wears that day with the band. Usually it’s short sleeve and no pants and she does fine but those are only 1-2 hour stretches.

  • We live in a very hot, humid climate, so I usually put my son in a sleeveless sleep sack with nothing underneath and then the band around it. I started off using thin long sleeved cotton sleep sacks, but he kept pulling his arms out of the sleeves and that's not safe, so now we use slightly thicker sleep sacks, though they're still pretty light.