How Do You Minimize Night Time Wake-ups?

Hi everyone,

My son has been waking up 5-7 times at night for the past few days and I want to know what you do to minimize night time wake-ups?

I try to see if he will soothe himself and go back to sleep but it just isn't cutting it right now.

He is 5 months and has always been a good sleeper at night, even while teething.

Any tips would be appreciated.


  • NanitMelanie
    NanitMelanie Nanit Team

    @MayaW I wonder if your son is going through the 4 mo sleep regression? From what I've read it can happen a bit before or a bit after the 4 mo mark (not related completely to teething!!)... and sleep can get very disrupted as they go through this phase of development. I have the wonder weeks app and it has been very helpful for noticing and being aware of developmental leaps with my 2 month old.

    Was he sleeping through the night prior to this change?

  • MayaW
    MayaW Member

    Hi @NanitMelanie,

    Apologies for the late reply. My son is now 6 months and his sleep patterns have only gotten worse.

    He will now wake up around 1AM and refuse to go back to sleep until 3:30. So he is up around 2.5 hours during the night and he has never done this before.

    He also doesn't liked to be rocked to sleep anymore and aim at a loss as to how to soothe him before naps and sleep.

    He has never slept through the entire night but prior to last month, he would wake up once at night, eat and go right back to sleep.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  • NanitMelanie
    NanitMelanie Nanit Team

    @MayaW I'm going to tag @Natalie_Barnett_PhD here because she will hopefully be able to share some helpful tips to minimize those night wakes. She is our sleep guru and has helped me so much with my little one!

  • This exact same thing happened to mine. He needed an extra feed during the night for a few weeks and then he didnt after that

  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
    Natalie_Barnett_PhD Member, Nanit Team, Expert

    @MayaW The thing that I would love him to start to do is fall asleep by himself at the beginning of the night and for naps! I suspect this will solve most of your issues. When he falls asleep being rocked/held/fed, its really hard for him to get back to sleep when he wakes (even if he used to do that perfectly around 3/4 months!). Hes physically capable of self soothing at this age and Id love to see him have the opportunity to develop that skill! The best place to start is the beginning of the night. Set him up for success by having his environment set up for sleep, make sure he is full and dry and then start implementing your sleep training method of choice!