Blue light

Why does my Nanit randomly flash a blue light while in use? Is it being hacked? Is it reconnection? What’s going on.


  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team

    Hi @nicholewinslow27 If the camera loses connection the night light will illuminate when connection is restored.

    Privacy is our #1 concern at Nanit. We only allow our cameras to be connected to a secure network, offer two factor authentication and parenting teams so you never have to share your login or password information.

  • EmilyJ
    EmilyJ Member

    Is there any way to give feedback about the blue light? My Nanit crashed one night, it rebooted, but the blue light flashed and woke up my son. Is there any way to make it another color?

  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team

    @EmilyJ I am so sorry this happened! Yes, I will absolutely pass on this feedback to our team.

  • tdelomel614
    tdelomel614 Unconfirmed, Member

    @Melanie Any word on this being resolved? Figure I would tip a comment in and say its definitely unpleasant when the baby wakes up from the flashing blue. A disconnect notification would be much better suited to the application than a visible flashing. While I room share, I cant really imagine kiddos needing to know if their nannit has disconnected when they are the only ones in the room.