Screaming toddler and no notifications!

Has anyone else been having trouble with push notifications for audio?

I have my setting to maximum sensitivity and about 2-3 times in the past 1.5 weeks my almost 3 year old son was screaming and crying in his crib and I did not get any notification on any devices. It was very loud since I eventually heard him from downstairs, but never got an alert!! I’m so nervous about trusting my Nanit monitor now.


  • Christopher
    Christopher Member, Community Moderator, Nanit Support

    Hi @M_turbow00,

    I'm sorry to hear that you didn't receive a notification when you expected. Our team has found that having the notification setting set to max might be counterproductive to receiving notifications. The reason why is because when our system sends a sound notification, there's a cool-down period that needs to happen before another sound notification can be sent. If our system hears audio during the cool-down period, it will reset the cool-down. With the sensitivity being so high, it's likely the cool-down period keep resetting. I would recommend turning the sensitivity down to about 75%.


  • Kt2018
    Kt2018 Member

    I just posted about this too! My 4 month old was crying for 3 hours straight and we had no idea.