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Interested to hear others experiences of bottle feeding. My wife has been breast feeding successfully which is great but we are trying to get our Son (10 weeks old) used to bottle feeding as well using expressed breast milk. He really doesn’t seem interested in a bottle, we have purchased some different bottles to try to see if that helps.

Any tips or tricks that others have used or found good ?


  • When my baby was having issues bottle feeding, I found success with the Tommee Tippee bottles after trying out a bunch of others! A few other things I tried that work was:

    1. Trying the bottle right after breast feeding
    2. Letting someone else (other than me) try the bottle feeding
    3. Switched up different positions when bottle feeding

    Hope this helps! Last thing...try not to stress too much which is easier said than done I know!

  • Chris
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    Thanks so much, that all makes a lot of sense !

  • KLinds
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    Some babies do seem to be particular about bottle types so trying a couple of different ones may help you find one that babe prefers!

    My kiddo never refused any meal offered to him but it was clear he preferred some bottles over others. So while I have no particularly helpful suggestions we used the Philips avent natural bottles and they were easy to clean/hooked up to my pump (Spectra) which was convenient.

  • Our 7 month old never really took to a bottle but she will chug milk from a sippy cup haha. Its the only thing thats worked for us.

  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
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    You can try the bottle for one of the middle of the night feedings. If they are really hungry they should take it! Its also a great opportunity for mom the get a good stretch of sleep and let someone else do a night feed. YOUR sleep is important too! Your supply is likely well-established at this age so that if you get a nice 5-6 hour stretch of sleep by letting someone else do a night feed, it can feel life-changing! 😍

  • The nipple shape may play a role so try and find a bottle that is the most similar to your wife’s breast. I use Como tomo bottles for my babe. I agree starting at a night feeding when they’re too tired to put in a lot of effort for feeding would be good.