What foods to give my baby at this age

My baby just turned 6 months this week. I know I should be introducing solid foods … what are example of such foods. And by solid does that refer to solid foods in mashed/purée form?


  • Sweet potato, avocado, banana are good ones to start with! You can do puree - I have learned a ton from babyledweanteam on instagram - she gives you the first 100 days of food to introduce. She starts with avocado (I think!)

  • Rita
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    My baby turned 7.5 months what food should I introduce her. Tried some fruit which wasn’t a problem. The veggie is more problematic.

  • A_train85
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    Download these two apps on your phone, they’re great for learning what to feed baby at 6 months, HOW to feed baby, allergens to look out for and so forth…

    “BLW Meals” (green icon with a strawberry)

    ” Solid Starts “ (greyish icon that says solid starts on it)