Baby led weaning combo feeding

Is anyone else doing baby led weaning/puree? I am terrified of the BLW side of it and unsure where to really start. Hoping someone else might be in my boat of has already been there


  • Melanie
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    @ashley_evans2020 such a great discussion - I was actually chatting about BLW with my friend who has a 4 mo old yesterday. We are both new to baby led weaning, too! Really curious to hear what others have to share on this topic.

  • Kenneth
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    As long as your baby can sit up unassisted by him/her self without any assistance for 1-2 minutes and she's at least 6 months she's ready for BLW. I highly recommend Katie Ferraro as a great BLW coach. With her program my baby girl ate 100 over different foods 2-3 months. She had over 200 food before she was one.

  • @Kenneth she sits up like a champ and its almost 8 months. We have tried a few "real" foods but I am struggling with how to prepare them. I just followed Katie Ferraro on Instagram, I see she also has a podcast so I will have to check her out.

  • Chris
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    Thanks Kenneth, my son is a little young at the moment but I have started looking into this, will look out for Katie !

  • KLinds
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    I also found feeding littles on Instagram to be very helpful for baby led weaning tips! But honestly do what makes you comfortable - if that’s mostly purées for now don’t feel guilty about that, but know that these babes are so good at figuring out how to eat real foods - my little one never had a choking scare or anything worrisome while doing the baby led weaning! (We also started with purées initially though - just quickly graduated to BLW as I got more comfortable)

  • Jane
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    Have you checked out the Solid Starts website? They have really great section on BLW and how to start it. My babe is 11 months in a few days. We started with BLW then went to a combo of BLW + puree to make sure he was trying new foods, flavours, and textures. He's a great eater now! BLW is definitely a bit scary at first, but the most important thing is making sure food is cut properly based on the child's age and fine motor skills. Also, look up gagging vs. choking! There are tons of infographs that break down the difference — when you know a child can work through the food vs. when you need to intervene. Good luck!

  • Ally
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    @Jane I love SolidStarts!! It's helped tremendously as I introduce solids to my son. The insight and education they provide around gagging vs. choking is not only helpful but also instills a certain confidence in you as a parent! Can't recommend them enough as a resource for BLW.

  • Megan
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    Anyone here do BLW With an infant fully in daycare? We have started our dinner meals with blw and our peds now wants us to up it to 3 meals a day by 9 months. How did you get daycare on board... any tips?

  • KLinds
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    Our daycare would feed baby with whatever we sent for him to eat - they didn’t give any pushback when we sent finger foods!