What can cause a sudden reduction in milk supply?

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Can something cause a reduced milk supply in one day? My baby is 5 weeks old, I don't take medications other than vitamins and fenugreek. I am between flange sizes and use the smaller size - can a size too small reduce supply? My baby usually takes an hour to feed and recently has sped up to 30 minutes - concerned this is due to a lower supply instead of improved efficiency. Poops and pees seem normal but the issue I'm seeing is very recent and since I've needed to dip into fridge supply, I wouldn't expect a weight or diaper impact.


  • Not an expert but it sounds like baby has become more efficient. Sometimes my supply felt like it was dipping off when baby was going through a growth spurt and my supply was adjusting.

    kellymom has awesome resources or speak to an LC. Best wishes!

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    @Krospos Milk supply changes before 6 weeks can occur, but are often replenished with an increase in feeds or pumping for 2-3 days. Around 6 weeks, exclusively fed breastmilk babies often stool less often than they did previously. They become very efficient at metabolizing the breastmilk and feeding more efficiently. An hour is a long time to breastfeed so I would guess that your baby is becoming more efficient at feeds. Please confirm that your baby is growing well with your pediatric primary care provider.

  • Fenugreek can reduce supply in some women. If your speaking of your flange size if it’s too small yes that also can have an impact. Normally though your supply shouldn’t drop drastically in a day. Are you drinking and eating enough?

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    Heyyy !! My baby is 4 months almost 5 and I’ve been breast feeding since ! From what I have heard fenugreek can reduce your supply significantly! Babies don’t normally eat a lot of Oz in their first weeks. I would recomend lots of legumes, oats and a brand called Legendary milk they are natural supplements for breast feeding moms it is 100% fenugreek free only reason I’m telling you about it is because it will increase your supply significantly I pump atleast 7 Oz per boob each morning and 5 each through the day ! And it is very normal for baby to last a while latched on breast because remember you don’t have a big hole in your nipple for milk lol and BTW there is a reduction on milk every time your going to get your monthly period and If your on new birth control ect.

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    It is also normal not to pump lots of milk the first few days-weeks. Best thing is to keep pumping as often as possible