My son just turned 1 year old and I am ready to wean him from breast feeding. My son refused the bottle when I returned to work at 5 months. Since then he refused to feed when I was at work and would make up for it through the night. Currently he is still waking up every 2 hours at night although I think it’s more for comfort now. What is the best way to wean him completely off the breast and stop night feeds?? Thanks!


  • DrMonicaOrdway
    DrMonicaOrdway Member, Expert

    @Jzcoral - I shared the following response on the "Ask Me Anything" thread which may be helpful to you:

    Breastfeeding may continue until it is not longer desired by either parent or child. If you are ready to wean then you may consider consulting with your pediatric primary care provider about transitioning to whole milk and a sippy cup. Start with weaning one of the feedings and then when your baby is weaned from that feeding then you can drop the second feeding. As babies transition to toddlerhood they become more active and interested in exploring their environment. This, combined with the normal slowing growth rate, relative to infancy, means that toddlers do not often stop to eat or drink unless they are truly hungry or thirsty. A few small crackers is enough to curb their appetite.