6 month old naps

My 6 month old is sleep training for night sleep and he is doing better every night but naps are getting worse everyday.. he cries and screams so I can put him down for every nap and when I put him down in his crib he screams harder.. naps are no longer than 30 min EVER… thank you❤️ Wake window is around 2 hours..


  • I have no real help except solidarity :). We have a 7 month old who sleeps GREAT at night and has since about 2 months, but her naps are awful for me. 30 minutes almost exactly most of the time; has 2-3 hour wake windows as well. She allegedly has longer naps at daycare but who knows. I’ve resolved to accept the good night sleep since it doesn’t seem to be affecting that and she’s pretty happy between naps during the day. But I feel your pain, you can’t get anything done in 30 minutes!