First time mom to a 6 month old, we are trying to sleep train him and have started to put him in his bassinet, but he keeps waking up for his pacifier. My question is how should we train him to get the pacifier himself or what should we do so he doesn’t need pacifier to fall asleep?


  • DrMonicaOrdway
    DrMonicaOrdway Member, Expert

    @ShivZane The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you wait until 12 months to wean your baby from the pacifier. Be sure that you are putting your baby down to sleep (on their back) while they are drowsy but awake and that you are not present in the room when they fall asleep. It is possible that your presence may lead to the nightwaking more than the loss of the pacifier. It is also important to know that we all wake up multiple times each night without realizing it - babies naturally wake with as many as 6-10 microarousals each night. These microarousals become full arousals if babies wake and their environment is different than when they fell asleep. Have you ever woken up on a couch and thought about it briefly and either gone back to sleep or went to your bed? This is an example of a normal arousal that we all have each night but the microarousal becomes a full arousal when we are in an unfamiliar environment. You can try to put extra pacifiers in the crib. You may also want to consider the size of your bassinet. Typically 6 month olds are too large for a bassinet and a crib may provide more comfort and a better sleep space for sleeping.