I have an almost 9 month old. He started solids at around 5.5 months. We started with purees and moved to smashed food. He has a hard time with textures it seems. If the food is pureed he eats it, otherwise most of the time refuses it. I put yogurt when fruits are smashed and that helps him eat it. We tried cutting up chicken, meats but he won’t take it. I know at 9 months, he should we eating finger foods but when we try to put pieces of fruits/food, he plays but wont really eat it. He is really picky on what he tries and eats. Im just worried if this is normal or if he should benefit from feeding therapy?


  • DrMonicaOrdway
    DrMonicaOrdway Member, Expert

    @Kareroberts At 9 months, it is expected that babies are taking soft food that is a bit chunkier than puree. This helps with the development of their jaw muscles. I would recommend you reach out to your pediatric primary care provider to determine whether intervention is needed.