21 months sleep and eating changes

Hello- all of a sudden my 21 month old no longer wants to eat anything that he used to eat before there’s times that he will not eat anything at throughout the day.

he is also waking up in middle of the night and can’t seem to put himself back to sleep. He will cry until I go in and then will take almost 2 hours to go back down.

please help


  • DrMonicaOrdway
    DrMonicaOrdway Member, Expert

    @Lbedoya0531 Welcome to toddlerhood - toddlers are busy little bodies who have the newfound freedom that walking and running provides. They are so busy exploring the world and building the foundations in their growing brains that they often do not take time out to eat unless they are truly hungry. Keep track of any small snacks you offer during the day - even a few small crackers can be enough to curb his little appetite and as a result he will not want to slow down to eat. This is quite common. Try reducing any snacks or drinks other than water prior to meals and you will likely see an increase in his eating.

    Regarding his sleep, be sure he is settling himself to sleep when he first goes to bed. He will not be able to soothe himself to sleep at night if he is not learning to do that at the start of the evening. Start with a bedtime routine that includes 4-5 bedtime routine activities that last 20-30 minutes each night and are consistently performed. Develop a mantra like "good night, I love you, I will see you in the morning" and repeat that phrase each night before leaving the room, allowing him to fall asleep independently.