17 month old still prefering purees

Hi my 17 month old does not have molars yet but has all 8 teeth in front. Sometimes he does chew solids (meatball, bread) but most of time he pockets it in his cheek and spits it out. Then I usually just offer yogurt or applesauce because I am worried he did not eat. At this point I feel he should be competently feeding himself solid food such as chicken, fruit, but he still eats way more if I offer him a puree meal like oatmeal. Do you have any suggestions?


  • DrMonicaOrdway
    DrMonicaOrdway Member, Expert

    @EllenOnen You might try to put more solid/chunky foods into his applesauce or yogurt or offer yogurt/applesauce after each bite of meatball or bread to help him swallow his food and avoid storing it in his cheek. Please share your concerns about his swallowing with his pediatric primary care provider for a thorough evaluation.