Putting baby down to sleep

My baby is 4 months in a week. He sleeps through the most of the night but putting him down takes almost 1.5 hours. He is also tough on naps. What do you suggest on stopping him from crying when we put him down and to fall asleep faster


  • DrMonicaOrdway
    DrMonicaOrdway Member, Expert

    @Aleaveta Babies can learn to fall asleep independently during a range of time between 3-6 months of age. It is possible that your child is close, but not quite ready for sleep training. When you baby is ready to sleep train, there are a few things to consider include: 1. developing a consistent bedtime routine; 2. Setting a bedtime closer to the time when he falls asleep (aiming for a time before 8-9pm); 3. if sleep training takes longer than a week then it may be too soon or you may want to seek out assistance from a sleep health specialist.