4 month old sleep

My 4 month old wakes up 2 times a night with long stretches and then once every hour in the early morning 4-6am. Is this the regression? She doesn’t nap well at daycare but is eating a ton all of the sudden. When should I expect to get some sleep? She goes to bed at 7-7:30 after our routine (bath,bottle)… recently wakes at 12, 3:30, 4 and then 6. Any advice would be much appreciated.


  • Oh my, you’re giving me flashbacks of our exact experience. Just had to tell ourselves that it would get better and it will! Could just be a leap they’re going through? At that point we were doing 1-2 night time feeds and then our pediatrician recommended to wean off and get more milk in during the day before bedtime.

    I think we were just so scared that the feeding would soothe the baby and it obviously did. Once we stopped, we realized LO didn’t need the feed and just needed to be soothed with a pacifier or thumb when he figured it out. At right about 5 months he started to roll and that was when we did the cry it out method. We got lucky just after 3 nights of trying (1st night was the longest of 20 minutes of crying).

  • Thank you so much for your response! She gets about 20 oz if not more during the day and still wakes up. My husband wants to let her cry it out but my fear is that she will be hungry if going through a regression. She normally does not drink that much during the night and just sits on the bottle. It’s just getting so tough with the wake ups that we feel like we are losing our minds. Maybe we will try to get her to cry it out this week.

  • Try taking away a feed and just try soothing her back to sleep (e.g. rocking, singing, patting on back, pacifier). Eventually, when you’re ready to try cry it out, it’s the best advice we were given. Just put LO down and watch a movie or put on headphones!