Are short naps normal for 5 1/2 months old

My 5 1/2 months old has always been a short napper. 99% of times he naps for 35-40 minutes, very rarely for 45 mins and almost never for an hour or longer. He sleeps on average a total of 11 hours at night and is sleep trained, he seems happy during the day, but i can extend his naps if i hold him after he wakes up. Not sure if this is a problem that needs to be addressed, it basically means one of his wake windows ends up being 3 hours or longer


  • Our LO was exactly like that at 5.5. Every wake window during the day, his naps were anywhere from 35-45 minutes long. His last wake window ended up being about 3-4 hours. The good thing is that he was also sleep trained at 5 months and sleeps, and still does, about 11 hours through the night.

    Now at 7 months, it’s still similar but wake windows are a bit longer on average. There was a week where he started napping for 1.5 hours and we were concerned about keeping a consistent schedule. But always follow your LO’s cues and adjust accordingly especially if they’re in a leap where they’re going to be extra fussy.