"Ask Me Anything" about Pre and Post Natal Fitness with Amanda Butler

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The AMA will begin on November 12th and end on November 19th at 11:59 PM ET.

Ask Amanda Butler Anything about pre and post-natal fitness!

Amanda Butler is an NYC-based personal trainer, fitness instructor, and fitness model. NASM CPT, PROnatal (Levels I & II), AFAA Perinatal, AFAA Group Fitness, KettleBell Concepts, CPR/AED, TRX, and Nutritious Life Nutrition Certified and proud mother of three, she’s always on the move and rewards herself with a weekly Levain cookie, split with her husband Pablo. Follow Amanda on Instagram or visit her website for more health & fitness tips.

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  • The AMA with Amanda is now live! Ask your questions below today through November 19th!

  • HI Amanda - any tips for diastasis recti from pregnancy?

  • What is a good sample week of workouts post partum?

  • Hi Amanda. I am 10 months postpartum with DR. What would be a good exercise schedule for me to start working out? Thanks!

  • Hi Amanda! I'm 3 months postpartum and my core is really weak. I'd like to strengthen it without paying a ton for specialized personal training, but I've read that some exercises (like crunches) can cause more harm than good. Can you recommend some at home movements that will strengthen my core without damaging it? Are crunches a total no-go? Thanks!!

  • Hi Amanda - what are alternatives for planks and crunches for working out while pregnant? Sometimes the online classes I am taking don't provide modifications! I know I shouldn't be doing planks or crunches - anything else to avoid? Thanks!!

  • Hi Amanda, I'm 8 months postpartum, and breastfeeds. I'm trying to get back into working out but i was told by my OB that workingout decreases breastmilk production.

    Is this accurate? How can i workout safely and maintain my calorie intake to ensure my little one is getting the milk she needs?

    My focus is on strength and toning.

    Thank you

  • Hi Amanda! I’m 3 months postpartum and breastfeeding. What are some good, safe at-home exercises I can do to help with getting belly/abdomen area back “in” and are there any exercises besides kegels to help with pelvic floor muscles (also to help with urinary incontinence; also how much kegels is a good amount)? Lastly, what are some good ways to help with losing weight without being too much in a calorie deficit to protect my milk supply? Also, I’ve read about some women having more challenges with losing weight while breastfeeding due to prolactin affecting certain hormones that help with weight loss therefore making the body hold onto its stores of fat- will working out still be effective for weight loss if these conditions are present?

  • Hey Amanda, thank you for doing AMA. That’s great initiative 😊 Obviously as all the girls I would like to slowly get back into some exercise. Just completed 4 weeks after c-section and would like an advice what exercises and when I could start doing before I can get back to gym 🤗 many thanks in advance!

  • Hi Amanda, I'm 3 months postpartum, and actually lost most of the pregnancy weight within the first 3 weeks, however I started regaining a lot of it due to poor diet and having midnight dinners 😭 I'm really trying to be consistent in order to get back to a healthy weight. I also dont want to be too drastic to lower breastmilk production. Any tips or advice to gradually lower my weight (mostly it's my belly post C section and thighs), and any sort of exercises that I could incorporate my baby boy in? He is a nice 14lbs now 😊

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