"Ask Me Anything" about Daylight Savings: Fall Back And Your Baby’s Sleep with Dr. Natalie Barnett



  • Hello,

    My daughter is 9 month and half. Recently, she starts wake up earlier in the morning like around 5-5:30 (she used to wake up around 6-6:30 am). Her naps are also relatively irregular/shorter than before; now is 1.5-2 hrs total vs 2.5 hrs total a week ago. I wonder if that because she reaches a milestone? She loves to practice standing during playtime as well as in the crib. So how do we adjust with that and now that Day light saving times approaches?

    Thank you!

  • Hello,

    Our 16 month old wakes up between 6-6:30am. During the weekday he has to be up by 6:30am in order to get ready for daycare. Is there any way to get ready for daylight savings when we're on a schedule?

    Thank you

  • Hello!

    My daughter is 6mo. She still takes 3-4 30min naps during the day but I don’t let her take any naps past 5:30pm, so 7pm bedtime isn’t disrupted. I wonder if I should allow her to nap past 5:30pm on the days prior while doing stretching the bedtime by 10min increments each day? Sometimes I have to shift bedtime a little earlier (around 6:40pm) if she woke up from her last nap between 4pm and 4:30pm as she gets too cranky because she’s exhausted.

  • Hi Dr. Barnett! I'm super nervous about daylight savings because our 16-month-old has been waking earlier and earlier lately. Ever since he was sick a month ago, his schedule has been off by about an hour. He wakes between 5-6am most days...some days even 4:45am. We miss the 6:30-7am wake-ups!

    We make sure his sleep environment is optimal (black-out curtains, white noise machine, nothing in crib; he falls asleep on his own). Shifting his bedtime later doesn't seem to help him wake later; instead he just sleeps less. Does it really work if we wait to get him at our desired wake time? How many days does this usually take for a child to adjust? He starts calling for mama and dada soon after he wakes, and slowly gets louder and crankier. I usually wait 15 minutes but gets him then if he doesn't go back down...

    A typical day right now: 5:30am wake, nap starts 12:15-12:45pm until 2:30-3:15pm at daycare (he naps less at home on weekends), 6:45-7pm in bed.

  • Hello! We have a 6.5 month old who is transitioning from a 3 nap to a 2 nap schedule. She currently goes to bed around 6:30pm and wakes around 5:00am. She sleeps great through the night but I’d love for her to wake up closer to 6:30a. I am daunted by trying to accomplish this with DLS coming up. She naps around 9am, 1pm, and 3pm for a total of approximately 2- 2 1/2 hours of day sleep and about 11hrs of night sleep. We’re still trying to figure out 2 naps, but when we do it’s around 9am and 2pm for the naps. Any suggestions with how to navigate this?

  • Hello, we have a 15 month old who goes to sleep around 9-9:30 and wakes up between 7-7:30 (10hours) She takes a 1:30-2 hour nap during the day and still wakes up about once every night.

    My question is regarding bedtime.

    Around 7-730 PM she shows signs of sleepiness, rubbing her eyes, yawning, etc. but fights it for about 2 more hours. I’ve gotten her to sleep around 7:30 pm before but she either slept for 30 minutes and went back to sleep around 11pm OR woke up at 3am and was up for about an hour before she went back to sleep. Ideally i would like her to sleep around 8-8:30pm instead.

    I feel like 9-9:30pm is a little late for a 1 year old to go to bed but i’m scared to mess with her bedtime and nap schedule. 😬

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you

  • Hi,

    I have a 7 month old who will only nap between 22-32 mins at a time. He is sleep trained and sleeps fine through the night, but during his naps he wakes himself up and even if we let him cry it out he won’t go back to sleep. How can we help him connect his cycles?

  • What do you suggest when you have 2 kids that have 2 different bedtimes. One who doesn't adapt well and one who does?

    My 7 month old adapts pretty well to changes in her sleep schedule, bedtime routine starts at 630pm, asleep by 7, wakes 1x at night to feed and is up between 530 and 630am. Naps are fluid so that will be easier to adapt too.

    My 4yr old is a huge struggle. Bedtime routine starts at 700pm, but she doesn't fall asleep till 9🤦‍♀️or sometime later. I think she just comes home with too much energy from school. She sleeps through the night but us up at 5am!!! I know she's not getting enough sleep but nothing seems to work as far as getting to to fall asleep sooner or longer.

    My husband and I tag team bedtime since I'm BF baby, so he gets the oldest ready for bed.

    Thank you, from this one worn out Mommy.

  • Hi, my 10 months old daughter still wakes up middle of the night to feed. I tried to wait for long time wishing that she would go back to sleep without having a milk (formula milk) but she refuses to sleep until she gets her milk. How can I stop that and make her sleep all night through?

  • Hello Dr. Natalie Barnett,

    My daughter is 29 months , her wake window 1 is averaging 5:36 hours and wake window 2 is averaging 5:58 hours.

    usually she’s going to sleep after this period of time, no matter what is the waking time in the morning.

    can we shift her schedule all in one time instead doing all the 2 day adjustment? Or it’s not recommended?

    any recommendations will be appreciated!

    thank you!


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