Baby not interested in eating solids

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My 9 month old has had access to solids since she was 6 months old, but especially in the last month/month and a half she will take a few bites of food and refuse to eat anything else. We have tried eating all together, letting her play with the food in hopes that she will just put it in her mouth, and even having her older sister feed her but she is just uninterested. Then the minute she sees the bottle she will down the whole thing. She is still waking up multiple times a night to eat, and I think her lack of solid meals could be causing this. Any tips for getting her interested in solids??


  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
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    Kayla, this can be so frustrating! It might be as simple as timing her feeds so that she is getting offered solids when she is likely to be hungry. Take a look at the Nanit Sleep Schedule Generator which can be a nice guide to help you time those feedings so that she is getting the right amount of milk and the right amount of solids. While you are trying to just get her to eat more food, dont worry too much about the variety or texture, just offer foods you think she might like and you can then build on that foundation and then start being more creative with food as she takes more solids. Good luck!