Trying to reconnect and connection issues.

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Why does it always try to reconnect or have connection issues when it’s during the night and I actually use it? I don’t use the nanit during the day. Only at night and this is when this happens! It’s really frustrating. I paid over $500.00 for the nanit just for it to do things like this? It’s a baby camera. This is truly unacceptable. I need my sleep more than anything right now and now I’m laying in bed wondering what the **** I’m going to do and when this is going to be over. Holy Hannah.


  • Rinyl
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    Same here! Was using it and watching my baby in the middle of the night when it suddenly loses connection. Baby doesn’t sleep in the same room so it’s really dangerous to have this machine loses connection as and when. Esp in the middle of the night! Super unreliable. It’s really unacceptable for the price we pay for it.