Frequent wakings

My 6 month old used to put himself to sleep but since he has learned to crawl he will wake up once or twice because he wakes up and starts crawling up the bed. I’ve left him multiple times to see if he will go back to sleep and he won’t. Just smiles and laughs until you come in and rock him back to sleep. He also doesn’t take a paci so nothing works.


  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
    Natalie_Barnett_PhD Member, Nanit Team, Expert

    @Kaitlin I know this is frustrating but its REALLY normal to see this! He is practicing at night all those gorgeous things he is learning during the day! He WILL go back to sleep, you just need to give him the opportunity to do that. Some babies are up for 30 minutes or more cruising around. Its so exciting for him to have this newfound skill!

    That said, we know that a baby's sleep is disrupted when they are reaching their motor milestones (in fact, we are working with researchers at Duquesne and CUNY to understand why!) and this disruption should resolve itself in a couple of weeks!