Bed time

Our little Sophia bed time is between 9:00 to 9:30 pm however she always wakes up 45 minutes after and she is asking for breast and she wants her moms arm to settle down. She is 6 months now and we have a problem since we have started her sleep training when she was 12 weeks. She is sleeping independently for all her naps during the day and she self sooth her self but she can’t don’t it at night. We tried to train her and let her to cry over one hour but she is still have this Habit


  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
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    @Sam100 Im really sorry shes waking so soon after going down. I really want you to try to get her to fall asleep at the beginning of the night by herself in the crib. She can do it for naps, so she should be able to learn it pretty quickly for nights too.

    It sounds like you tried CIO unsuccessfully and Im sorry about that. If you are up for trying again, the main things I would suggest would be :

    1. Make sure she is awake for 3 hours before bedtime
    2. Have her do lots of exercise in the afternoon (tummy time or mat time, whatever she is doing right now)
    3. Have the last feed of the day in the living room with lights on NOT rocking
    4. Ensure she stays awake for that last feed
    5. Read a short book after the feed so that the feed is not the last thing she does before bed

    Then...put her in the crib with a short sweet mantra 'Goodnight, Mommy loves you!' and leave the room. Most babies fall asleep in 20-40 minutes the first night and then half that long the second night.

    If you dont want to try again, I totally understand! You could instead do a modified approach where you come in and check and soothe her at regular intervals.

    Id really love to suggest an earlier bedtime too. Most babies at this age are ready for bed between 6-8pm, so watch for those tired signs in there to try to optimize her bedtime.

    Check out our Nanit 6 month sleep schedule too, this might help structure the day so that she is getting everything she needs during the day!

    Good luck!