Nipple pain due to stubborn baby's shallow latching.

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My baby refuses to take the deep latch. Every time I put them in a deep latch, they pull away and continues to only latch on my n*pple. I'm nursing 15 on each side each session. I've been doing the cross body position but I can only hold my breast in a C shape for so long before I'm exhausted, and it's much harder at 3am. How do I get back to getting that deep latch? Pumping is painful too.


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    Have you tried talking to a lactation consultant (your hospital and/or insurance usually provides access to one)? They can help troubleshoot and suggest different latching methods and things you can use (i.e. n*pple shield, warm/cool packs, etc) to reduce the pain. Also, check if the pump parts you're using are the right size for you. I used the Spectra pump and they offer consultants who can help make sure you're using the right size, pump settings, etc.

    Good luck! I went through this exact thing and things finally improved around month 3.