Issues with eero (mesh wifi) & two nanit cameras

Dee Member

I've had my first nanit almost 18 months. Got the nanit pro and set it up about a month ago. Constant issues, going back & forth with support.

Basically my camera can't decide which wifi router to connect to, so it just disconnects completely. It's been offline for almost two hours. And this is after engineering did something that worked about a week or so.

I can't get the camera to even go into network pairing mode, no matter the hard reset or unplugging. Camera is completely offline and won't reconnect to my network.

Having an almost 2 month and almost 2 year old is almost as exhausting as trying to fix this brick of a camera.

Kicker is I just bought my best friend one and now I regret it! I've bought 3 of these **** things. Hopefully he doesn't have as many issues as me.

I did move my eero pro router closer to the nanit but it hasn't helped one bit.


  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team

    @Dee I'm sorry you have been having connectivity troubles with your Nanit camera - I know you mentioned you have been in touch with our support team, but I've escalated your issue to a senior member of our support team. You should expect to hear from them soon.

    Thank you for posting here!