Connectivity issues increasing in recent weeks

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I’ve had intermittent trouble with connectivity for a couple of weeks. Last night the service went out during the night (I didn’t know! Thank goodness I heard the baby crying!). I know all of the steps to take and try them all, but usually can’t do the one that works each time… unplug the camera, which is tricky when there’s a sleeping baby in the room. Any other ways to do this without going in the room??


  • Jeremy
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    We have been having connection issues for over 2 weeks now! The camera/app only work for small

    periods then won’t connect again. I have not been able to use our Nanit at night for several days now and it is completely frustrating! Why is this happening?

  • Dbellofatto0135
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    Having the same problem. I keep pausing the nanit through my gateway (xfinity) and when I unpause it, it will work for about 10 mins then freeze. I'm doing the pause feature because I don't want to wake her up to do an actual reset. And of course it only seems to happen at night.

  • Mh3
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    I am having connection issues always in the middle of the night as well. I’m starting to think it’s unreliable.

  • I am trying to add my mother (Londons grandmother) as a viewer and when I click to send the invitation email it doesn't send anything from my email and she never gets anything. Has anyone else had this problem? Do I have to send the email invitation from nanit from the same wifi network it's set up on? It doesn't even show a sent email from my Gmail account much less any email avccount

  • Zak
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    I can connect to my Nanit less than half the time. Support takes a week to get back to me and suggest I power cycle my router

  • Serina
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    We’re having the same issue. I’ve tried every outlet in the room and it will turn on for a little bit every time, but not for long. Has anyone tried anything else?

  • I’ve been having the same issue since last week. I’ve tried everything listed in the troubleshooting guide on the Nanit website. Now I’m waiting for someone from the support team to reach out to me. This is so frustrating!!

  • Been having issues with measuring? Of course support says to reset everything but i really shouldn't need to do that, it should work. Not to mention there's a 5-10 second delay and so many times where the signal drops and it says reconnecting. This was bought to give me peace of mind as we move him over to his own room, shouldn't be having these troubles especially in the middle of the night.

  • It’s beyond ridiculous. We have two cameras, as have twins, and neither of the cameras have any sort of connectivity now. The old, switch off, switch back on advice is wearing thin.

    As many others have highlighted, it’s not as if it’s an inexpensive system that’s being used.

  • JoeM
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    I am also having conectivity issues. For the last week every evening the connection drops (there is no connection anywhere from 10mins to and hour). It is very frustrating!!!

  • My camera is always troubleshooting when we need to use it and gives a clear stream whenever the baby is awake and out of the crib. I am so angry with Nanit. This was a very expensive purchase for us and I can’t get any peace of mind listening for her in my 3 story townhouse.

  • Same problem here for the past days. After power cycle it will be able to connect for a short time but when we close the app and connect again it will not work. After a couple of seconds we would get the "trying to reconnect" with the troubleshooting button already. So soon it doesn't even seem to be trying to connect. It is now summer here and the room gets pretty warm without AC on and I noticed the camera now also gets very hot to the touch. Perhaps this has something to do with it but this should not happen to one of the most expensive baby monitors available. It is basically a $300+ paperweight right now...

  • ea3421
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    Same problem. I tried all sorts of resets. Also, they just keep emailing me to reset it, but no one ever picks up the phone.

  • CUdrew
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    Same problem, all started after firmware update. Now none of our phones will connect at all.