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    Hi there, my daughter is 7 months and has been sleeping from 745pm-730am for the past few months. This past week or so I’ve noticed she is waking around 630-7ish in the mornings. Right now she is doing three naps a day (9-11am, 1-230pm, and 445-520pm). Is there anything you would suggest to help fix her early morning wake ups? How will this be impacted by daylights savings?

  • CassieY
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    Our 4 month old son is teething which is affecting his feeding. Although he hasn’t yet started waking in the middle of the night, and sleeps 7:30-11pm and 11:45pm-7am, we worry it will soon have an impact. How can we help him with his discomfort? Reluctant to keep administering Tylenol. With daylight savings, do we need to start adjusting sleep time from now?

  • My 5 month old used to sleep through the night with no feeds, he is now waking twice and wanting milk but his daytime milk has decreased, he is also waking at about 6am no matter how much sleep he has had! We have a great bedtime routine bath bottle bed at 7.30pm. His napping the day is not good either now he fights every nap it takes ages to get him to go down and it’s only for 30 mins max most days. Any help would be appreciated 😊

  • Would love some tips on not messing up her schedule and not having her wake up early or go to bed late due to daylight savings. She is 5.5 months, goes to bed from 6:30-7, and wakes up from 7-7:30.

  • Hello, my daughter (6mo)2 weeks old has been waking up at 5:15am for since 3 weeks now. Prior to this, her awake time was 6:00 and it gradually became 5:30, and now even earlier. 

    What would you recommend we do, regarding Daylight Savings with her current wake time? 

    We follow her wake windows (2), have a set bedtime routine, and she falls asleep independently most of the time. Even thought she has slept through the night, she does wake up 2 3 time.

    she has a acid reflex so she’s not eating enough during the day so I need to feed her at night 2 times that’s okay with me she’s eating while she’s sleeping 15min and go to sleep again if I put her in the crib also I want her just to wake up late like before 6:30 or 7:00 thank you

  • Mlaw
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    Hi Dr, How do we go around day light saving to adjust my 4 mo feeding and napping schedule?

    Do I start tweaking the times before the clock goes forward so by the time it hits daylight saving day it falls into the right times for me? Or adjust after? Thank you!

  • Ark
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    How do we need to adjust our daughter’s wake up and bedtimes because of daylight savings so that her schedule is not affected. She wakes up at 7:30am and sleeps at 6:15pm and she’s 16 months old


  • LMT28
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    10 month old- adjust slowly by 10 min prior to DST or see how it goes/adjust after if needed?

  • Issa06
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    My daughter will be 18 months tomorrow and during the month of February we started to push her bedtime back by 15 minutes every week because she was having an earlier bedtime of 6pm (She was going to bed at 7pm but due to teething she wasn’t napping or sleeping well at night so her bedtime ended up being pushed up to 6pm). I am wondering if I should keep her going to bed at 7pm since we just got her to that new bedtime or if I need to start pushing her bedtime up every 15 minutes or so before daylight savings so that by the time daylight savings is here she will be going to bed at 6pm which would be 7pm on that Monday after. She really struggled with the last daylight savings (we didn’t do anything to prepare, just kept everything the same) and it messed up her sleep schedule for awhile. However with just getting her back to 7pm with bedtime it also makes me worried.

    Thank you!

  • My son just turned 1 this week and goes to bed at 7:30 pm and usually wakes up anytime between 6:30 am and 7:30 am. He still has two naps during the day—first one around 10:30 am for about an hour and his second one at 3:30 pm for 30 minutes. For the daylight savings time transition, should I put him to bed/nap ten to fifteen minutes earlier each day until it’s officially daylight savings?

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